Entry #6

Merry Christmas, Newgrounds!

2009-12-25 12:38:35 by Kuwaga

This is probably the bagajillionth Merry Christmas journal post you're reading or half-mindedly skimming through, so I'll make it quick: Merry Christmas Newgrounds. I've only joined in just a few weeks prior to this day, and I'm really loving the enviroment; users are active and well-mannered and kind, which just shows that deep down inside, you guys can be real sweethearts.

Just kidding, that's probably not true. Or maybe it is. I wouldn't know, I've only been around for what, three, four weeks? Anyways, I have to go, I'm off to some Korean restaurant to eat delicious Korean-style fried chicken.


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2009-12-25 13:50:47

Kind of true.

Kuwaga responds:

Of course, I know all! Except for some things. Which would mean I'm not all-knowing, just more-than-some-knowing.